ColoCALL - the first and the biggest data center in Ukraine.

The company provides on-site hosting of customers' servers (co-location) and leased dedicated services (dedicated). Our company was founded on Aug 1, 2000 and has since acquired a large percentage of the IT services market. The staff consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in this field. ColoCALL is the only Internet provider in Ukraine whose main service is colocation.

The company has several data centers in Kiev, each of them providing:

  • Uninterrupted power supply system (UPS);
  • Consistent temperature;
  • Round-the-clock duty personnel;
  • Automatic equipment control system.

You can read about our prices on this page. The cost of service consists of the cost of a plan's price on a traffic and the cost of client server's deployment or a dedicated server lease.

We recommend price plan 1 Mbit for the customers, whose primary traffic is international. The other price plans targeted at customers using Ukrainian local traffic mostly.

On the prices page there are two tables. The first table displays the traffic cost:

  • The first column is the plan's name,
  • The second column is the plan's monthly price in the national currency of Ukraine - hryvna, UAH (hryvna's rate to the U.S. dollar is roughly 27:1, the exact rate can be found on the official site of the National Bank of Ukraine,
  • The third is the port speed.

The second table is about server colocation or rent price:

  • The first column is the server type:
    • The first row is the client's own server;
    • The second through forth rows are for virtual servers;
    • The remaining are server rentals.
  • The second column is the monthly fee in hryvnas;
  • The third column is CPU type;
  • The fourth column is the RAM in gigabytes;
  • The fifth column is disk space in gigabytes;
  • The sixth is monthly technical support fee.

In order to purchase a service or ask any question please use the contact form.

We prefer credit card payments, and you need to settle other methods of payment with our employees first.